Online Mixing and Mastering

Mixing is where we blend all the individual tracks in a recording to create a version of the song that sounds as good as possible. In order to achieve this, we balancing the levels of the tracks, apply EQ, Compression and Effects 

Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. The purpose of mastering is to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.

With our bundle, you can combine our high quality services for your song or album. 


For Mixing and Mastering prices start at €200 per song

For full album prices please contact us to discuss more details on your project


  • We will provide you with a high-quality WAV file  
    and MP3 320kbps of your mastered song

  • 2 business days (for single song)

  • 4 revisions included

  • DDP image of your album

  • ISRC codes - if you have can also be added